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12/29/2017 lkjogriguip

Finding The Right Pillow – A Small Guide


Having a nice and comfortable place to sleep is usually the make or break of a good night’s sleep. Even though a good night’s sleep is the result of a plethora of factors, most of us usually focus on sound related and lighting issues. As a result, we tend to neglect one of the most important factors – our pillows.

If you are one of those, who tend to make the same mistake, stick with us as we will help match you with the appropriate pillow by going through the best pillow fitting guide review.

Why is choosing an appropriate pillow so important?

22bhdiuuChoosing the right positioning, fitting, and, of course, the type of pillow is crucial to ensuring a good sleep. Aside from providing the comfort, the right pillow will also provide you with all the necessary support for your spine, neck, and head, thus protecting you from a variety of neck and back pains. Also, keep in mind that using an incorrect pillow can cause severe muscle aches and headaches, while the inappropriate materials can lead to a variety of allergic reactions.

What are your favorite sleeping positions?

To choose the right pillow and fitting, first of all, you should try to identify your preferred sleeping positions. In general, there are three common categories:

  • Back sleeping

Those who mostly sleep on their backs should look for flat, thin pillows, as they can properly support their neck and head. With such a pillow, you will keep your neck closer to the mattress, and reduce the space between it and your spine. To maximize the effectiveness of your main pillow, make sure to place a small pillow under your knees, so as to provide additional support to your lower back area.

  • Stomach sleeping

If you tend to sleep on your stomach mostly, you will require less support. Therefore, using a thin pillow will certainly satisfy your needs. A thin pillow will keep your head from rising too high, thus preventing additional pressure on your neck. To ensure maximum comfort, make sure to use a traditionally-shaped pillow.

  • Side sleeping

If you are a side sleeper. You should pay special attention to the height of your pillow. Selecting a firmer, high-thickness pillow will keep your neck properly aligned with your spine. To maximize its effectiveness, try putting a low-density, soft pillow between your knees, to align your pelvis and hip with your lower back area.

Key things you should consider

  • 33kjehfouheuoOnce you have identified your preferred sleeping position, identify the right pillow for neck and head support.
  • When making your purchase, choose the one that is right for your body size. Since there are so many different body shapes, you can easily find a plethora of pillow sizes and shapes. In general, the broader your shoulders are, the higher and firmer the pillow you will need.
  • Pay attention to the age and the condition of your pillow. To ensure proper support, you should replace your pillow every 16 – 18 months.

Getting a good night’s sleep is almost impossible without a good pillow. If you are currently suffering from back or neck pain, your pillow is most likely the main culprit. Therefore, waste no time and use your newly-gained knowledge to find the best pillow for your needs.…

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